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2015: Varieties of Censorship

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  • Censorship of Literature in High School     Guide      Unit      

               Deborah S. Blanco, Conrad Schools of Science (Red Clay Consolidated School District)

               Julette Grusell, Christiana High School (Christina School District)

               Cecilia Hann, Eisenberg Elementary School (Colonial School District)

               Lisa Hertsenberg, Wilbur Elementary School (Colonial School District)

  • Restricted Audiences Only: Censorship and Movie Ratings     Guide      Unit  

               Stacy Nichols, Wilmington Manor (Colonial School District)

               Barbara Prillaman, Conrad Schools of Science (Red Clay Consolidated School District)

  • Two Inches Above the Knee: Analyzing the Impact of School Uniforms for the Selfie Generation     Guide      Unit 

               Megan Rogers, Skyline Middle School (Red Clay Consolidated School District) 

  • Censorship in To Kill a Mockingbird     Guide      Unit 

               Nick Todorow, Howard High School of Technology (New Castle County Vo-Tech) 

  • Varieties of Censorship: Revisionism in American History     Guide      Unit 

               Katelyn K. Varga, Conrad Schools of Science (Red Clay Consolidated School District) 

  • Banned Books: Questioning our Right to Read     Guide      Unit  

               Katie Zimmerman, Wilmington Manor (Colonial School District)

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2015 - Varieties of Censorship
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2015: Varieties of Censorship
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