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2015 - Things that Happen in Fiction

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The Function of Fiction     Guide      Unit 

               Monica Callahan, McVey Elementary (Christina School District)

  • Bridge to Writing with Oral Storytelling: A Common Core Based Plan for English Language Learners     Guide      Unit 

               Lisa Ely, Pulaski Elementary (Christina School District)

               Stella Evans, Anna P. Mote Elementary (Red Clay Consolidated School District)

  • Digital Storytelling in the Content Areas for Special Needs Learners     Guide      Unit 

               Meghan Farrell, Brader Elementary (Christina School District)

               Stephanie N. Foster, Howard High School of Technology (New Castle County Vo-Tech School District)

  • Helping Students Analyze Multiple Perspectives and the Civil War     Guide      Unit 

               Meghan Harrington, Pleasantville Elementary School (Colonial School District)

  • Examining and Comparing Fairy Tales throughout the Ages     Guide      Unit 

               Michelle Hilbeck, Conrad School of Sciences (Red Clay Consolidated School District)

  • Digital Storytelling: From Fairy Tales to the Big Screen     Guide      Unit 

               Melissa Andrade Johnson, The Wallin School (Colonial School District) 

  • Meeting Ourselves in Literature: How do Choices Create a Character?     Guide      Unit 

                Marcy Mehdizadeh, Bayard Middle (Christina School District)

               Kathleen O'Connell, Howard High School of Technology (New Castle County Vo-Tech School District)

  • "What if...." Writing Fiction in First Grade     Guide      Unit 

               David Ostheimer, Wilbur Elementary (Colonial School District)

               Merry Ostheimer, West Park Elementary (Christina School District)

  • Narrative Elements Plus Storytelling Equals Creativity     Guide      Unit 

               Joseph Parrett, Wilbur Elementary (Colonial School District)

  • Worth one Thousand Words: Using Visual Images to Tell a Story     Guide      Unit 

               Michelle Smith, Carrie Downie Elementary/New Castle Elementary (Colonial School District)

               Shanna Weiss, Castle Hills Elementary (Colonial School District)

               Gretchen Wolfe, Brader Elementary (Christina School District)

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2015 - Things That Happen in Fiction
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2015 - Things that Happen in Fiction
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