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Upcoming Seminars

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2020 Local Seminars

2020 Seminars

​Each fall the DTI Teacher Leadership Committee polls teachers in their district to determine a list of topics that will be shared with UD faculty.  UD faculty then designs seminars that cover the requested topics and approximately four to five seminars are offered each cycle.  Cycles begin in the spring and end in December with a summer hiatus designed for reading and research.


Connecting with Indigenous Wisdom through Photographic Participatory Science - J. Cox

Indians ARE Americans - B. Joyce

Trauma and Identity in Literature - B. McKenna

Using Geospatial Data to Encourage Exploration and Ask Probing Questions About Place - T. DeLiberty and Mary Schorse

​Seminar Overview:  Comics, Cartoons and Graphic Novels

​Seminar Overview:  Paper or Plastic? Sustainable Products and Technologies

​Seminar Overview:  Stamped from the Beginning: Unpacking the History of Race in America

​Seminar Overview:  What is Light and How Can We Use It?

​Seminar Overview:  Writing About Ourselves and Others

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Current Seminars
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Upcoming Seminars
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