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Using DTI Units to Enhance Your Curriculum

Teachers Institute curriculum units are unique documents. Teachers not only describe the content and strategies essential to instruction, but in carefully constructed narratives, they share with the reader the reasoning behind their choices. Also, attached as an addendum to the units are "Learning Maps," following the format of Learning Focused training, with which most teachers are familiar.

The DTI Curriculum Database provides access to all units created by DTI Fellows.  They are searchable by grade level, primary subject, grade span and/or keywords.  These units are intended to be shared amongst teachers and can be a valuable addition to your curriculum whether used in their entirety or used as a supplement to gain content knowledge and valuable resources. 

In addition to the local database, The Yale National Initiative maintains the YNI Curriculum Library with units created by National Fellows from Delaware, and other cities affiliated with the Yale National Initiative.

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User's Guide
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User's Guide
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