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Remote Seminar Plan

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Delaware Teachers Institute, like classrooms everywhere, shifted to a remote instructional model in April 2020. Our teacher steering committee believed we had an opportunity and responsibility to protect the health and safety of our Fellows above all else. Despite the shift away from in-person learning, Fellows reported seminars to be reflective of our long-standing goals: 

  • ​to strengthen teaching and learning in the community's public schools
  • to offer seminars on subjects that school teachers request in the humanities and sciences, and which best fit contemporary needs among the student population
  • to provide a professional learning model where university faculty members contribute their knowledge of and expertise in a subject, while teachers apply their knowledge of elementary and secondary pedagogy, their understanding of the students they teach, and their grasp of what really works in the classroom
  • to support Fellows as they write a curriculum unit to be used in their own classrooms and to be shared with other teachers in both their home schools and across the country through electronic publication
  • to remain connected to a national network of local Teacher Institutes and the Yale National Initiative

This experience has also given us the opportunity to provide Fellows exposure to and practice using educational technology tools in ways consistent with what we know about how people learn. (Bransford, Brown & Cocking, 2000)

  • "bringing exciting curricula based on real-world problems into the classroom;
  • providing scaffolds and tools to enhance learning;
  • giving students and teachers more opportunities for feedback, reflection, and revision;
  • building local and global communities that include teachers, administrators, students, parents, practicing scientists, and other interested people; and
  • expanding opportunities for teacher learning."

Seminars will remain fully remote throughout the 2021 program. (April 2021-December 2021)

Learning Theory

Flow chart of Teachers Institute Theory of Change

Delaware Teachers Institute (DTI) adheres to the Teachers Institute approach, originally developed in 1978 by the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.  Ellen Kisker's 2011 essay, The Teachers Institute Theory of Change describes this design in detail illustrating the mechanism by which our goals are met. 

Although the seminars are now implemented remotely, the products and outcomes remain the same. The remote setting does, however, bring some additional opportunities as we navigate a rapid shift to remote instruction for so many of our schools. Many 2020 seminars included opportunities for Fellows to discuss best practices when integrating technology into their teaching. These oppportunities, consistent with the Teacher Educator Competency Standards (TETCs) will continue to be included in the 2021 seminar experience. A generous grant from the Delaware Department of Education provided funding for Fellows to include an appendix in their 2020 units explaining how they might shift their instruction for in-person, hybrid or remote settings. These units will be uploaded to our newly redesigned curriculum unit database very soon! Search for "Appendix B" and you will see units that explicitly address this need. 

Learn more about how we meet the challenges of fully remote learning.


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Remote Seminar Plan
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Remote Seminar Plan
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